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Redshift Understanding the "EXPLAIN" Statement

December 19, 2021

You’re developing a query using Amazon Redshift , how do you know if it’s fast or optimized? This tutorial walks through using the EXPLAIN…

Flow And Implementation Methods

June 20, 2021

Flow and implmenetation methods are 2 types of functions which help create manintainable software. Flow methods contain a series of program…

Schema On Read Considered Harmful

May 29, 2021

Schema-on-read places the burden of imposing the structure and types of data on the consumer (reader) of data. Schema-on-read decouples a…

Data Operational Maturity

May 20, 2021

Data operations is the act of keeping data pipeline operational, and the data flowing. Data operational maturity focuses on answering: Is a…

Snowflake CSV COPY Into Examples

January 22, 2021

This article lists a number snowflake configuration csv copy into parameters and the outputs they produce. I'm currently working on a…

2020 Summer of Sprouts

October 24, 2020

Last summer I grew sprouts. I've always enjoyed gardening but am currently living in an apartment with very little light exposure. Due to…

How Probes Partition the Debug Space

August 30, 2020

Probing is a technique to perform regular checks on a service using a short interval. Probes provide signals that can significantly cut down…

Understanding & Modifying Systems

July 31, 2020

Systems exist all around us. Every day we operate in an incalculable number of systems. Our biological systems dictate our physical needs…