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Systems and Tech Thoughts

Understanding & Modifying Systems

July 31, 2020

Systems exist all around us.

Every day we operate in an incalculable number of systems. Our biological systems dictate our physical needs. Our economic systems drive us to earn money to support our physical needs. Transportation systems define how we travel. Companies establish their own systems which workers participate in. We operate thermostats, vehicles, and electronics. We exist as a member of a global system, the earth system and the solar system. We are composed of an almost invisible systems of atoms. Wherever we look there are systems.

This book focuses on strategies to understand the systems around us.

Throughout this book the example of a personal bank account is used. He techniques are genetic and can be used to understand any system. These are simple techniques which I have found useful in my professional and personal life.

At the heart of each tool and technique lies the relentless pursuit of figuring out what’s true. Truth is uncovering what’s actually happening, the components involved in any given system and discovering the connections between those components.

Events are happening, triggering other events in perpetual causal chain, and I hope that these techniques and tools help you to make sense of those events and help you to effect positive changes in the systems that you participate in!

Table of Contents

Thoughts on Systems & Tech